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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ecthirion Changes Release From EP to Full-Length

Sorry I'm a bit behind on this one.  I guess I could blame the holidays ;)  But Ecthirion has decided to change their release from an EP to a full-length album.  This has me super excited.  Of course, it means a bit of a longer wait - but who cares?  It means fans get a lot more awesome material to listen to.  Gabriel explained his reasoning about the release:

"Currently things are going well though slowly. Eugen is mixing the tracks and I have decided to add 4 tracks to the EP to make the release a full album that everybody is waiting for. Adding 4 tracks is very exciting though it will mean another delay. I would much rather have many delays than a badly made 1st album that is released by Christmas. I appreciate all the fans patience, and I hope you don't give up waiting."

Click here to visit the source.

Happy holidays!

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