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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kekal Announce New Album, Tracklisting, and Art!

The avant-garde Indonesian band Kekal has announced the name of their new album, Autonomy, and have given us a track listing and album art as well.  Their previous album 8 was a crazy, almost psychedelic experience.  But they still stick to the basis of their metal roots.  Jeff has the following to say about the new album.

"Autonomy" is Kekal's ninth full-length album, and it also marks as the second one being recorded without the presence of official band members. The music on "Autonomy" can be best described as emotionally adventurous and introspective in nature. As dark as it is illuminating, this album will definitely challenge listeners to free themselves from seeing music as a mere entertainment commodity. Simplicity takes the most important role on the album, as it values the most basic and primordial drive to balance life's complexities.

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Track Listing:
1. Rare Earth Elements
2. Pandora's Empty Box
3. Go Ahead and Feel The Pain
4. Disposable Man
5. Swings of All Moods
6. Indonesanity
7. Futuride
8. Playground
9. iComa
10. Space Between Spaces
11. Learning to Love The Future

Total running time: 58:04

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