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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Legends Shall Not Die: Antestor and Crimson Moonlight Working on New Material

Antestor is currently working on a new release that will be with Bombworks records.  Crimson Moonlight has got back together again and is working on new material as well.  This is awesome and mind-staggering to have both of these phenomenal bands back together and going strong...without them, the Christian black metal movement would simply not be the same.  I'll try to keep everyone updated as things move along. 

Antestor Facebook

Crimson Moonlight Facebook


  1. I've heard Antestor was back and recording for awhile now, haha. But Crimson Moonlight?! Now that's rad. Keep us updated! :D

    1. Ya, I'm a little late on Antestor...but just in case someone hasn't heard! I'm excited to see what these bands can accomplish with their next albums.