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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Afterimage New Album "Unveil the Unseen" Nears Completion

Afterimage is hard at work on their next album, entitled Unveil the Unseen.  Mike has been nice enough to let me take a listen to the 3-track demo that they will be showing around at Cornerstone Festival this year.

Their brand of energetic melodic death metal is quite enjoyable and has captured the interest of many metal fans.  After releasing an EP called Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton in 2007 (and the song Soulmender will be on the new album), they've been hard at work on new material and have constructed a new face for the band.  A few things are readily apparent after I've listened to the new demos:  the production quality is greatly advanced, and the band has grown musically.  The new album will capture the sweeping guitar leads of Immortal Souls, the catchy choruses of Cry of the Afflicted, and the energy and passion of Becoming the Archetype.  Such a combination is difficult to achieve, and I have high hopes for the new album.  One other standout so far is the combination of high screams and low gurgles - most bands can't pull this off and it adds depth to the music.

You can listen to the first single off of Unveil the Seen by clicking here.

You can visit the band's Facebook by clicking here.

Keep tuned for more information, including album art, pre-order details, and a full-length album review.

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