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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Becoming the Archetype Album Art and Tracklisting!

So, there haven't been any official announcements that I have seen.  Nothing on Facebook, and the official band blog is undergoing construction with the message "A New Becoming the Archetype Website is Coming Soon."  BUT...  I was looking at the Solid State Store and there were pre-order options up for the new record.

It is going to be called I AM, and is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2012.  The below picture of the album art isn't the greatest size, but I was able to get the background mural as well (see above).  It is STUNNING. 

This has me really excited.  There is also a track listing available.  It looks like we'll be getting another concept album, which is pretty cool.

1. The Ocean Walker
2. The Time Bender
3. The Eyes of the Storm
4. The Sky Bearer
5. The Machine Killer
6. The War Ender
7. The Weapon Breaker
8. The Planet Maker
9. The Sun Eater
10. I AM

No lengths on the songs as of yet, but hopefully we'll also be treated to an epicly long epic song with epic lyrics (yes, I want epic!).  I will keep everyone updated as I learn more details.



  1. Hey! I just joined Bogger, and I love metal as well, in fact, I just bought Becoming The Archetype's new I AM album, and I loved it. Being as I just joined, I need alot of help/advice setting up my blog, you'rs looks great and we have the same interests so you seem like a good hand! Thanks, Tristan.

    1. Hello, Tristan! Glad to have you on board. If you need help with something, I'd do my best to assist you!