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Monday, November 14, 2011

Benea Reach Work on New Material For Album

Benea Reach isn't specifically a Christian band, but with some of their founding members originally from the band Extol, I was interested from the beginning.  Their sophomore album Alleviat was particularly good, I thought - those chugging, heavy guitars were simply gorgeous - and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for these boys from Norway.

Benea Reach has released a video of them jamming out to a new tune.  You can watch it here.  It sounds pretty great, in my opinion.  They have also released a number of demos over the past months that you can listen to by visiting their Facebook page.  

The band is currently signed to Tabu Recordings.  The current band members are as follows:

Ilkka Viitasalo
Marco Storm
Martin Sivertsen
Andreas Berglihn
Mikael Wildèn
Joffe Myrvold
Espen Høydalsvik

I'll be keeping tabs on Benea Reach and will let everyone know when they release a new song, or when the date for their next album is decided.

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