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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ecthirion Works Towards New EP

Ecthirion, an orchestral black metal band from the UK, has been working hard on their new material.  Judging from their website, they may release a song soon to wet our appetites for the EP.  At first a full-length album was planned, but now solo member Gabriel Neale has decided to produce another EP, entitled Through My Eyes.  He explains his reasoning on their website:

"I am sorry to say that I will be cutting the 'Through my Eyes' release down to 5 tracks I have been working on for my university degree, This is because I didn't want to spread myself too thin. I hope this is ok, my reasoning for doing this is because I think it is better to have 5 tracks with a big realistic sounding orchestral instruments than 12 with cheesy samples. Ecthirion is now just me so its a lot of work getting everything done myself. I feel this is right also because the fans are waiting patiently and I don't want to spend another year or more getting the other tracks up to a good standard."
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I'll keep everyone updated as soon as they release a song or get pre-orders up.  I'm super excited about this band - not only do they have lush, orchestral soundscapes, but they always incorporate a number of guest musicians.  It keeps the music fresh, interesting, and surprising.  Also, Gabriel is exceptionally skilled with art and the artwork that he produces is simply breathtaking.

Needless to say, Ecthirion is a band that you should keep your eye on.

Never heard their music?  You can listen to songs off of their first EP here and here.

Want to get connected?  Join Ecthirion's Facebook group.

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