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Friday, January 27, 2012

See the Light Release "Tepid" Soon

I thought this band was dead.  Honestly.  But apparently not!  They released one EP, Maranatha, and this will be their first full length (to my knowledge).  Maranatha was exceptionally good; they mixed a robust deathcore sound with keyboards and even some clean vocals.  It was kind of like The Devil Wears Prada mixed with In the Midst of Lions, and add a virtuoso keyboard player.  Pretty crazy, huh?  Nonetheless the band had a unique, fresh sound and I am looking forward to hearing the new material.

Oh, and the album is going to be called "Tepid," which you may have noticed in the title.

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*NEW* Studio Video on YouTube

Download Marantha EP free!  (support the band if you can, it's a legal download from their record company)

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  1. They also have the 7 song "Father, This Is For You EP" from 2008, but yeah, this should be their first LP.
    I agree - Maranatha was excellent. One of my friends told me they were recording something new this year, so I've been pretty pumped. Now I know what it's going to be titled. I can't wait!